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Why Choose Us?

  • Learn at Home

    Tutoring Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality remote tutoring possible during COVID-19. Our educators train regularly to learn the best new online tools.

  • Holistic Support

    When you join the Tutoring Solutions family, you're not just getting a tutor or a consultation, you're brought into our network of teachers and trusted related service providers, all at your disposal if a new academic challenge arises.

  • Support Small Business

    When you partner with Tutoring Solutions, you are supporting a local mom-preneur in Essex county.

  • Expert Educators

    95% of Tutoring Solutions' tutors are Ontario-certified educators with a BA and/or MA in Education.

  • The Tutoring Solutions' System

    We use the Tutoring Solutions' System- a framework that helps us look beyond a child's academic profile and into their social and emotional growth- to guide each child-tutor matching process. We are committed to finding the perfect educator for your child.

  • The Give Back Project

    Tutoring Solutions is committed to working with low-income families to provide world-class academic support.