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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know tutoring will help me?

You can never go wrong with tutoring. Everyone needs extra help. Even the seemingly intelligent students. This is because tutoring improves every domain of your child’s growth, not just academic performance.

However, before a tutor is assigned to your child/student, our Education Consultant will speak with both parents and child to assess the need for a tutor, the specific needs and goals, your child’s strengths, skills and difficulties. This ensures tutoring is tailored to meet your and your child’s specific needs and goals.

What experience and training do your tutors have?

All of our tutors are certified teachers or are currently pursuing their Bachelor of Education. They are thoroughly trained and selected after proven expertise in their subject matter to ensure tutoring quality and professionalism is not compromised. While maintaining professionalism, they are also passionate, intentional, and empathetic to your child’s needs and difficulties.

How much does your service cost?

In-Home Tutoring

  • $50/ hour

Online Tutoring

  • $45/ hour

Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

  • $72/ hour

Is our tutoring all one-on-one?

No, we offer flexible tutoring solutions for all our students. 

Some of our online tutoring sessions are using small group models because research has shown that students are able to reach their highest level of understanding by learning in a small group.

Are you flexible with tutoring days and times?

Yes. Our experienced tutors operate from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern time everyday, including weekends.

During the consultation, we will discuss scheduling constraints and work with the family to determine the sessions’ best schedule. This ensures we are supportive of your likely hybrid work model and allows you to be active in your child’s tutoring growth.

How do I enroll my child with Tutoring Solutions?

This is pretty easy. To enroll, your child requires booking a free consultation. Schedule an appointment with a Tutoring Solutions' teacher today!