About "Unlocking Literacy: A Deep Dive into the Science of Reading"

  • The "Unlocking Literacy: A Deep Dive into the Science of Reading" course is structured to accommodate busy schedules, requiring less than an hour of commitment per week. Over the span of 8 weeks, participants will engage with concise instructional content totaling approximately 45 minutes per week. This content includes video lectures, presentations, and reading materials designed for efficient consumption.

    In addition to the instructional content, participants will have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities, discussions, and practical exercises, which can be completed within the remaining time during the week.

    This flexible format allows learners to progress through the course at their own pace, dedicating less than an hour per week to fully engage with the material while still gaining valuable insights into the science of reading and practical strategies to support literacy development in children. By the end of the 8-week period, participants will have completed all modules and acquired the necessary knowledge and tools to promote literacy success.

  • Course Structure:

    • Total Duration: 8 weeks

    • Weekly Commitment: Less than 1 hour

    Session Format:

    • Online delivery via video lectures, presentations, and reading materials sent directly to your email

    • Instructors are available throughout the week to answer your questions via email

    Weekly Schedule:

    • Week 1-7: Each week will feature a new module covering specific topics related to the science of reading.

    • Week 8: Final week for review, reflection, and completion of any remaining activities.

    Session Duration:

    • Each session will consist of approximately 45 minutes of instructional content, designed for efficient consumption.

    Dates and Times:

    • The course will be available on-demand, allowing participants to access materials at their convenience.

    • Participants can engage with the content at any time during the week, based on their own schedule and availability.

    This flexible format enables participants to progress through the course at their own pace while still benefiting from structured learning modules and engaging activities.

  • "Unlocking Literacy: A Deep Dive into the Science of Reading" is tailored for parents, educators, and literacy advocates seeking to deepen their understanding of effective reading instruction. This course delves into the science behind reading acquisition, covering essential components such as phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension strategies. Participants will gain practical insights and evidence-based techniques to support literacy development in children of all ages and abilities. Additionally, the course explores creating a literacy-rich environment at home and in the classroom, as well as strategies for supporting diverse learners. By the end of the program, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to foster a love of reading and promote literacy success in children.¬†

  • "Unlocking Literacy: A Deep Dive into the Science of Reading" is priced at $500 for the full course.

    When you register for the course by April 1st, 2024 you will get our early-bird rate of $300 for the entire course!

    Join us on this transformative journey and invest in unlocking the power of reading for yourself and your students!