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      Tuition for students taught by parent     

Kindergarten – Grade 12

$375/month plus $50 registration

Note: Books, materials, testing and additional consultations (other than regular meeting times) are not included in the tuition. Seniors preparing for graduation in June are charged a $100 fee.           

Additional Services

Program Design K-12   $300

Tutoring and Teaching   $41/hour 

Tutoring sessions are one teacher to one student. Individual academic subjects, study skills, test- taking skills, and organizational techniques are some of the options for this category. 

Tuition Discounts for Virtual Students

There is a price break if you are enrolled with Tutoring Solutions as a virtual student**. 

We offer a total K-8 Virtual classes for a yearly tuition of $2250/student.* This will be specified classes and assignments given similar to the high school students, only the time frame will depend on the age of the student.

Attendance to sessions is required, but if missed can be made up with the instructor – up to three per year.  After that, there will be an additional charge at $75/hour for needed instruction.  At the beginning of the course, the instructor will go over the meeting times. Planned or potential absences should be discussed at this time if you know them.

*Prices do not include enrollment in Tutoring Solutions or materials needed for the class. Price is for a full year tuition.

**Tutoring Solutions Academy homeschooling program is not a school-replacement; it is a supplementary service to homeschooling instruction-provided by the parent.  Tutoring Solutions provides 5 hours of instruction per week to support families.

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