Finding The Gaps With Maths & English Diagnostics

It is well understood that the Ontario Curriculum, builds on itself, year on year. What a student learns this year will form the basis for his or her subsequent learning in the years ahead.  So what happens if your child doesn’t quite grasp every topic, concept or rule? What if they misunderstand something?

Logic suggests that it is going to get harder and harder just to maintain the same grade as last year. As each topic builds on itself, the more advanced questions become increasingly difficult without a solid foundation understanding to work from.

Now at this point, many parents reach out to any number of Tutoring Agencies, or casual tutors to help their child, because their child is struggling and could use some help with their homework.

This would be like building a house on quicksand.

But what is the alternative?

With the release of Tutoring Solutions Academy’s Maths & English Diagnostic Assessments, now there is one.

Over last 2 years, our team has developed a cutting-edge Diagnostic Assessment platform including:

  • JK-12 Maths & English Assessments aligned to the Ontario Curriculum
  • Assessments scientifically designed to identify knowledge gaps going back years
  • Highly personalised programs and resources in order to target these gaps
  • Learning Style Assessments in order to understand your child’s unique learning style 
  • Give your child the skills of the ‘A students’ Proprietary Learning IQ assessments 

Best of all, these assessments and reports are provided to you absolutely Free, during a no obligation in-home consultation with your Local Tutoring Solutions Academy tutor. Stop worrying about whether or not your child is falling behind or not, request your No-Obligation Assessment and Consultation here.

Identify Knowledge Gaps With Maths & English Diagnostics

If you think your child may be falling behind, book your Free no-obligation in-home consultation and assessment online here and find out how Tutoring Solutions Academy can help, or simply call on 519-995-7299.