It is a common practice for students to be assessed by giving different types of homework. Homework allows students to apply what they have learned in class activity to their home to acknowledge the areas they need to work on.

proven homework managing tips for students and parents -homework allows students to apply what they have learned - tutor2you

Examples of homework:

  • Answering math worksheets
  • Reading a chapter of a book
  • Writing a book review
  • Doing a science project
  • Practising an instrument
  • Practising spelling words

Here are the general tips for students and parents to manage the homework load.

1. Create a Plan

Planning includes everything you need to consider from reviewing the homework concerning the deadline to deciding how much time is available.

  • Make sure to understand the task instructions. Identify what the students are instructed to do. Organise what you have to do by gathering relevant resources.

proven homework managing tips for students and parents -create a plan - tutor2you

  • Check how much the assignment is worth and how would it affect the final grade. Ask which sections of the homework are worth the most marks. From that, you can decide how much effort to put into completing your homework and how long to do the task. Doing it may require a lot of time than you expect. It would be of help to create a SMART Goal for your major tasks.
  • Many teachers would help students break down large projects by setting a series of deadlines. If the teacher didn’t do this, then break the major task into a list of small tasks and set your deadline to each task. Create a schedule which includes short breaks to be written on the Ultimate Weekly Planner.
  • Be clear with the teacher about how the homework is to be submitted.

2. Get Help

If there are problems with homework, ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are asking for someone to do the homework. It’s still the student’s responsibility to do the learning. Parents can make suggestions to produce a better output.

A professional tutor can also be hired to guide and monitor the student’s learning progress. It is important to hire an expert on the learning area, especially when the parent will not be able to answer their child’s question.

proven homework managing tips for students and parents -get help - tutor2you

3. Make a Draft

Whether it is about solving a math problem, writing an essay or answering questions from a literary piece, don’t expect to get it 100% right the first time that you will do it. Using one or more drafts gives students the chance to organise ideas and correct grammar.

4. Check before Submitting

Check if everything that the teacher is asking for has been included. Follow the format required by the teacher, ensure correct grammar, punctuation marks, and mathematical symbols, and check the quality of the output.

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